Amrut Fusion Single Malt Indian Whisky: JAWS Rating 4.8/10​

The Whiskey Noob review amrut fusion single malt whisky

Amrut Fusion Single Malt Indian Whisky

A Whiskey Review by The Whiskey Noob


I’ve seen this whiskey around before, but didn’t know it was made in India, I was like, “why the hell not?” and gave it a try…

I’ve been on decent run of drinking good whiskies that I forgot what shitty whisky tastes like, but it’s a good thing this Amrut reminded me!

Keep me humble and bring me back down to earth a little.

This shit was NOT enjoyable, it was a good thing I only order a half pour…which was STILL difficult to get down, but I do what I do for my noobs!

Like my motto says: I try shitty whiskey so you don’t have to!

And in this case I legit tried some shitty whiskey.

Hey, you live and you learn and you drink shitty whiskey sometimes.

Cheers ma noobs!


Amrut Fusion Single Malt Indian Whisky

Nose: Spice, cherries, orange, band aids

Palate: light peat, orange zest, black liquorice

Finish: medium, more black liquorice, bitter


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NOOB Approved!

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