Ardbeg Drum: JAWS Rating 7.9/10

The Whiskey Noob review Ardbeg Drum

Ardbeg Drum

A Whiskey Review by The Whiskey Noob


Happy Ardbeg Day!

Oh shit am I late to the party?

Meehhh…Oh fuckin well…I do what I want!

I FINALLY got my hands on this…been kinda laggin…but was it worth the wait?

Not sure…of the handful of Ardbegs that i HAVE tried this one is pretty good…

Not so much of the typical Ardbegs that taste like licking the ground after a campfire nad multiple fireworks have just been lit…so it has THAT going for it…

It doesn have an interesting sweetness to it with very noticable flavor notes of pineapples and bananas to it so I thought THAT was pretty interesting.

It is a limited release so of course I haven’t been able to find it so easily, but when I did I HAD to grab one.

Would I buy it again for ~$100?

Proooobably not…

Will I enjoy what’s left???

Hell fucking yeah!!!


Ardbeg Drum

Nose: papaya, mango, banana chips, medicinal, light peat

Palate: pineapples, guava, light peat, dirt, espresso beans

Finish: med, pound cake, black licorice, soil, ash


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NOOB Approved!

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