Four Roses Small Batch Select: JAWS Rating 8.1/10​

The Whiskey Noob review Four Roses Small Batch Select

Four Roses Small Batch Select

A Whiskey Review by The Whiskey Noob


I seeee yoouuuu!!!

I didnt even know this was available in the Bay Area yet.

It was such a nice surprise to see it out in the hunt.  They go for a little over $50 each so of course I had to grab 2, but still not sure if it was worth the price point especially since there are a lot of other good/similar bourbons out there.

But I guess it’s YOUR decision!

I do appreciate the higher abv which gives it a little more of a kick that’s tolerable which doesnt take away from the flavor.

This seems like a great daily sipper and affordable enough that I would buy a bottle to bring to a function of some sorts.

I’m glad it’s part of the core range because it is definitely better than the flagship four roses and just on par with the single barrel offering without being overly expensive.


Four Roses Small Batch Select

Nose: Banana nut bread, vanilla, oak

Palate: spice, caramelized banana, wood

Finish: Long, lingering peppery spice, burnt caramel, little bitter backend


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NOOB Approved!

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