Glendronach Line Up​

The Glendronach Highland Single Malt Scotch reviews-The Whiskey Noob

Sherry bombs away!!!

If you like those sherry bombs then Glendronach is the scotch for you!  Deep, rich, sweet flavors are the basis for these scotches and damn, do they do it well.  Can’t really go wrong with any of these, though I do have my favorites.

I tried my first 3-4, but then after a while they kinda started tasting similar and I wasn’t able to discern each flavor, more like I was too drunk to taste the difference, which is when I started to drink shittier whiskey after, so I wouldn’t waste more money (it’s all about strategy!)  So I’ll just review the ones that I remember trying…

–Glendronach 15 Revival: JAWS rating 9.1/10

Nose: vanilla, raisins, plum

Palate: spice, vanilla, dates, plums

Finish: long, caramel, light spice


–Glendronach 15 Tawny Port Finish: JAWS rating 7.7/10

Nose: nuts, coconut, oak, dark berries, 

Palate: apples, toffee, dark chocolate, berries

Finish: long, toffee, espresso, dark berries


–Glendronach 18 Allardice: JAWS rating 10/10

Nose: sherry, raisins, berries, toffee

Palate: dark berries, shery sweetness, raisin bread, honey

Finish: medium, cinnamon, citrus, light peat


–Glendronach 21 Parliament: JAWS rating 8.5/10

Nose: orange, spice, apples, lemon zest 

Palate: peach raisins, vanilla, citrus

Finish: long, honey, cherries, toffee

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