Hibiki Harmony: JAWS Rating 8/10

The Whiskey Noob review Hibiki harmony-Japanese whisky

Hibiki Harmony Japanese Whisky

A Whiskey Review by The Whiskey Noob


This was the very Japanese whiskey I’ve tried and decided to try based on word of mouth and hype.

I also decided to take a chance and buy a bottle at Bev Mo, which wasn’t too bad at around $65.

I was pretty happy with my purchase because it did not disappoint and it also came in a nice looking bottle which can double as a decanter after you’ve finished the product.

However, recently, as hype has continued to increase, I have noticed that it has been getting harder and harder to find a bottle.

Even when I do find a bottle sometimes it gets marked up to more than $100!

It always sucks when people always do that shit.  Especially in the whiskey world we live in.

Some douches always try to hoard bottles and buy cases of it.  Then in turn, liquor store owners notice the limited availability so when they finally DO get a bottle they jack up the price.  THEN, some noob, who didnt get any guidance from The Whiskey Noob, goes and buys the bottle at marked up price, so then the liquor store owner feels like he/she can get away with highway robbery!

Some cycles have to be broken, and I’m here to break some SHIT!

Just you see ma noobs!


Hibiki Harmony Japanese Whisky


Nose: floral, oak, light smoke

Palate: honey, light sherry, light peat, candied orange

Finish: medium, sweet, light bitterness, honey



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NOOB Approved!

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