Kavalan Taiwanese Whisky Series​: JAWS Rating (see below)

Ok…ok…so Kavalan is starting to creep up there as one of my favorite distilleries cuz holy shit do they make a fine whiskey!

I was lucky enough to try all these bottles at Whiskies of the World in San Jose 2018 and they were pretty damn good!

Now you’re not gonna get the complete flavor profile here cuz I didnt have the time to get them all down during the event (too many whiskies not enough time!), but at least I was with it enough (barely) to give each whisky a JAWS rating so here you go…

(side note…FUCK that guy with his stupid fat hand in my shot, and damn, it would have been nice if I was sober enough to have taken a better picture)


Kavalan Taiwanese Whisky Series​

Classic: 9.5/10 (yellow bottle)

King Car Conductor: 7/10

Concertmaster:  8/10 (green bottle)

Ex-Bourbon Oak:  7.4/10 (gold labeled bottle)

Oloroso Sherry: 10/10 (red labeled bottle)

Solist Moscatel Sherry Single Cask Strength: 8/10

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