Compass Box The Spaniard: JAWS Rating 7.9/10​

Compass Box: The Spaniard

Compass Box The Spaniard Blended Scotch Whiskey Review by the Whiskey Noob


Finally bought my first Compass Box the other day…

Figured I’d try something a little different.  Haven’t been a huge fan of blended scotches so far and have heard a lot of good things about this distillery and what they do so I decided to grab it and hoped that it would change my mind.

Is it a coincidence that I just happened to have bought it on a #compassboxsunday???

Or is it cuz I have finally succumbed to the evil genius marketing master plan to make me want to go out and buy a Compass Box scotch EVERY Sunday for the rest of my LIFE?!?

Or is it cuz I was bored, on the hunt and just wanted to try it cuz I’ve heard good thing???

Who knows…but damn this juice is tasty!!

Went for about $40-45 so a decent buy for this price…Cheers!


The Spaniard

Nose: almonds, peaches, orange peels, Corn Pops cereal

Palate: peaches, dark berries, Werthers Original Toffee, vanilla

Finish: long, red apples, toffee, vanilla


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NOOB Approved!

For more info click HERE!

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