The Whiskey Noob Event: Volume 5

Martins West Gastropub Redwood City, Ca.

Here it is my noobs!!!  The first Whiskey Noob Event of the year.  The Whiskey Noob Event Volume 5 is set!  Come through and chill with a noob…and for my health care professionals out there, come chill with the Maestro herself and dem boyz from Progressive Motion PT.  

I’ve hand picked 2 different flights for tasting:  The Whiskey Noob Flight (all Scotch), The Maestro Flight (all Bourbon) and the Progressive Flight (all Japanese Whiskey)

Come learn, drink and socialize…

All are welcome.  No Boujie dress code.  From noob to pros…we’re just here to what???

Chill the fuuuuccckkk out!!!


Whiskies of the World San Jose 2019

Forager Tasting Room and Eatery, San Jose, Ca


Here are some of the highlights of a great night!!!

The Whiskey Noobs Meetup Group 4th Whiskey Tasting Event-Nov. 10, 2018

Holy fuck we were deeeep for our last event…deeper than…(feel free to fill that in)  That’s what she said…Heyyooo!!!  Forreal tho…thanks for everyone for coming thru, supporting and making this last event of the year the biggest/bestest/baddest/funnest/coolest/informativest/everythingest so far!  We had 80 people who RSVP’d and from the RSVP list 60+ showed up with a final head count of more than 75!  

Special shout to Callum and the crew from www.Aberlour.com for making it happen and hosting a successful event!  

We’re coming back with a muthafuckin vengeance next year so stay tuned my noobs for events for next year…who knows, we might even take this thang on the road!!!


(hit the green hyperlink to join the group for more details)

 Meetup group

Dope ass video made by Raquel Goodson…check it!

The Whiskey Noob Event Vol 4 video

Aberlour Tasting Flight:

  1. Aberlour 12: JAWS rating: 8/10
  2. Aberlour 16: JAWS rating: 8.4/10
  3. Aberlour 18: JAWS rating: 8.6/10
  4. Aberlour Abunadh: JAWS rating: 8.8/10

4th Whiskey Noob Tasting Event Sponsored by
Aberlour Single Malt Scotch

The Lounge at Monticello in Santa Clara, Ca


Click the link above to RSVP for this free, yes FREE event.  You HAVE to RSVP cuz space is limited and yo ass ain’t getting in without that QR code that comes with the RSVP.  AAANNNDDD of course, there is NEVER a dress code at ANY of The Whiskey Noob Events!!!  Cuz again, we ain’t BOUJIE!!!  U wanna tilt ur nose up and keep ur pinky out while u sip on some whiskey???  Then u in the wrong muthafuckin place!!  We’re just here to be social, drink, learn and what?  Chiiillllll the fuck out!!!  See you there!

The Whiskey Noobs Meetup Group 3rd Whiskey Tasting Event-Sept 15, 2018

Run it ALL the way baaaacckkk!!!  The next Whiskey Noob Event went down on Sept 15, 2018 at 5 Points in downtown San Jose.  We had our own private room, private bar and private bartender.  We had 2 flights goin that night: 1) The “Blind Taste Test” and 2) “Kiss My Cask”.  Shout out to all those who came through and supported.  Another shout out to the new people we met who randomly stumbled into our event and showed interest…thanks for chillin with a noob!  Stay tuned for the next event…who know where we’ll end up!  We might just drink our way into your town!  

(hit the green hyperlink to join the group for more details)

 Meetup group

Whiskey Flights:

*”Blind Taste Test”

  1. Nikka coffey Grain Japanese Whisky (~$55-65)
  2. Henry McKenna Bourbon (~$30-35)
  3. Oban 14 Single Malt Scotch Whiskey (~$60-75)
  4. Glendronach 12 Single Malt Scoth Whiskey (~$45-55)

“Kiss My Cask” (All scotches finished in different types of casks)

  1. Aberlour 12 -finished in traditional oak and sherry casks (~$40-50)
  2. Balvenie 12 Doublewood-finished in whisky oak and sherry oak casks (~$45-50)
  3. Balvenie Carribean Cask -finished in rum casks (~$70-80)
  4. Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban -finished in port wine casks (~$45-55)


3rd Whiskey Noob Meetup at 5 Points in downtown San Jose

Paper Plane in downtown San Jose

The Whiskey Noobs Meetup Group 2nd Whiskey Tasting Event-Update

The second Whiskey Noobs second tasting event went down and was another success!  We just keep getting bigger and bigger (that’s what she said…ha!)  Thanks for all my noobs who came out again and for the first time!  This one was held at Paper Plane in San Jose and they did a great job of reserving a huge spot and accomodating our group.  Check them out at paperplanesj.com.  They have a huge selection of whiskey, craft cocktails and some good ass food.  We had a completely different “Noob” flight goin and it gave people a chance to taste a really diverse group of whiskey.  The next event is already in the works so stay tuned…we’re makin moves people!  So #jointhenoobment and follow me on instagram, join the whiskey noob group on meetup.com and subscribe to the email list to stay up-to-date.  Until next time…cheers!!

(hit the green hyperlink to join the meet up group for more details)

 Meetup group

2nd Whiskey Noob Meetup at Paper Plane in downtown San Jose

Paper Plane in downtown San Jose

The Whiskey Noobs Meetup Group 1st Whiskey Tasting Event-Update

Here are some of the highlights of the Whiskey Noobs Meetup group first whiskey tasting event held at 55 South in San Jose (the55south.com).  It was a pretty good turn out and I’d like to thank all the people who came out for support!  The “Noob flight” we had for the blind taste test was a success and had everyone guessing…I hope that there will even be MORE noobs out next time to chill, learn, meet new people, drink new whiskies, relax, drink good whiskies, socialize, drink bad whiskies, did I mention drink whiskies???  Hope to see you guys for the next event…follow me on instagram, join the whiskey noob group on meetup.com and subscribe to the email list to stay up-to-date on err-thang!

(hit the green hyperlink to join the meet up group for more details)

 Meetup group

The Whiskey Noobs Meetup Group 1st Whiskey Tasting Event

Sooo I did a thing and started a Whiskey Noob group on Meetup.com.  You can download the app and join the group for free.  I figured we can all Meetup (ha! too easy) and chill the fuck out once a month to go to different bars and try some whiskies together as noobs, novices and experts…no judgement here!  (well, not out loud…juuuuust kidding)  We’ll start it off May 18th at 55 South in San Jose and since they do half pours you don’t have to spend a lot of money to try good whiskies.  We can chill, drink and talk whiskey all night! Or until you’ve had enough, or get too drunk, or run out of money or get kicked out…whatever…it’ll be great!  Hope to see you there!


(hit the green hyperlink to join the group for more details)

 Meetup group

1st Whiskey Noob Meetup at 55 South in downtown San Jose

55 South in downtown San Jose

Wags n' Whiskey Pawty San Jose 2018

So if you’re a dog lover and a whiskey lover well scratch my ass and call me Spike cuz this is the event for you!!!  Bring your dog and try a bunch of whiskey and food pairings hosted by Mosaic restaurant in downtown San Jose on April 29, 2018.   Just don’t get shit faced and lose your dog, I was told it was frowned upon, I mean it’s not like it ever happened to me or anything…ahem…just sayin…uhhh…JUST GO TO THE EVENT!!! 

(hit the green hyperlink for details)

 wags n whiskey

Whiskies of the World San Jose 2018

Here are some of the highlights of the event…Shit was AWESOME!!  I tried a lot new, GOOD whiskies and a lot of really really shitty whiskey also…and even gave out my first 0/10 JAWS rating!  I surprisingly was able to rate all the whiskies I tried, but these are just the most notable ones…from the best of the best to the shittiest of the shittiest!  Enjoy! (side note…sorry for the blurry pics, they looked clear when I took them, but most likely it’s cuz I was a liiiitle tipsy or more like a lot drunk…same same)

Whiskies of the World

Masters classes now available

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