Glenfiddich 12 yr: JAWS Rating 7.9/10​

Glenfiddich 12

Glenfiddich 12 year old

A Whiskey Review by the Whiskey Noob

A very common bottle you can find anywhere, even at grocery stores, this is a great bottle for a great price (at about $30).

It’s a great Scotch whiskey for a noob because it has great flavor notes, but not much of the alcohol burn.

It’s good from nose to finish and again, for the price you might as well get a bottle versus trying it at a bar which will definitely over charge you for an ounce.

Don’t let them do you like that!!!

Take it from a noob who’s been there before again and again…

I mean, the bottle itself should only go for about ~$25-30…

if you buy it at a bar including tax and tip you’ll probably end up spending HALF of that for a shot when you could have just gotten the whole damn bottle…


Glenfiddich 12 yr

Nose: floral, citrus, honey

Palate: orange peel, citrus, honey, toffee, light spice

Finish: short, hints of butterscotch, zest, easy to drink


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NOOB Approved!

For more info and to see other offerings from this distillery, visit


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