Glenlivet 12 yr: JAWS Rating 7.4/10​

Glenlivet 12

Glenlivet 12 year old

A Scotch Whiskey Review by the Whiskey Noob


Ahhh a staple at every bar and restaurant…

Even the shittiest of the shittiest of shit holes would most likely have this sitting at their bar.

It’s like one of those last resort whiskies that you KNOW would enjoy when you want a decent dram of whiskey because you can’t stand drinking anything else.

As a noob this would be one of the FIRST whiskies I would recommend to you.

It’s easy to drink, easy to find and easy on the budget (~$20-30)

I would go back and forth between this and Jameson due to its accessibility; unfortunately, as I drank it more and more the less I liked it.

Maybe because my palate changed over time, maybe because I found a lot more whiskies out there that I liked more, but either way, it’s still a great intro whiskey for noobs that I will ALWAYS recommend…

Plus, it’s still a good transitional whiskey when you want something not too complex or harsh on the palate, especially if you’re coming from a cognac back ground (primarily Hennessy for all MY people).

I say grab a dram (or bottle) as n intro whiskey and go from there…cheers!


Glenlivet 12 yr old

Nose: vanilla, apples, citrus, honey

Palate: orange peel, citrus, honey

Finish: Long, dried fruit, toffee


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NOOB Approved!

For more info and to see other offerings from this distillery, visit

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