Oban 14 yr: JAWS Rating 10/10​

The Whiskey Noob review oban 14

Oban 14 year old

A Scotch Whiskey Review by the Whiskey Noob



This is the first Scotch ever got a perfect JAWS Rating of 10/10!

Even as a noob I can tell this stuff was fuckin awesome!

The flavors are complex, meaning you can kinda taste a little bit of everything, but  it was just enough, there wasn’t an over abundance of one single flavor, but the more I drank it (within the same glass, not the whole damn bottle, yet) the more other flavors developed and and you can just keep tasting more and more deliciousness.

Plus, there’s a subtle hint of peat that was not only just TOLERABLE, but definitely WELCOMED!

It gave it the complexity and it was so subtle that sometimes you’d forget it was there.  Either that or I drank so much of it because it was so delicious that my tongue went numb…

Who knows…maybe BOTH happened…



Oban 14 yr

Nose: oak, honey, light peat, nutmeg, orange peels

Palate: citrus, cinnamon, oak, light peat (subtle but noticeable), caramel, sherry

Finish: Medium, zesty, butterscotch, apples, vanilla


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NOOB Approved!

For more info and to see other offerings from this distillery, visit https://www.obanwhisky.com/

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