Aberfeldy and Glenmorangie (a twofur)

Aberfeldy 12 and Glenmorangie Astar-The Whiskey Noob Review

Did a little tasting with a couple of my noobs over a weekend and these 2 were featured.

It was hot as shit outside, but I still had to drink my whiskey neat!

I saved the ice for my balls as I watched my dubs beat the shit outta the cavs!

All in all, it was a good day…


-Aberfeldy 12: 8.4/10

Nose: raisins, vanilla, orange zest

Palate: chocolate covered raisins, dates, caramel

Finish: Long, dark chocolate, plums


-Glenmorangie Astar: 8.8/10

Nose: pineapple, tropical fruit, tangerine

Palate: Lucky Charms marshmellows, butterscotch, honeydew

Finish: Long, sweet and spicy (like a mango habanero salsa), Rice Krispy Treat

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