Country Smooth American Whiskey: JAWS Rating 5.7/10

Country Smooth American Whiskey review by The Whiskey Noob

Country Smooth American Whiskey

A Whiskey Review by The Whiskey Noob


Country smooth…

But is it doe???

Is it great? No.

Is it shitty? No.

So what the fuck is it then???

Well for about $25-30 it’ll do the trick.

Am I pouring it down the drain? No.

Is it the first thing I reach for? No.

Are you tired of all these fuckin questions yet? Yes.

Can I go now? BYE!


Country Smooth American Whiskey

Nose: candy corn, vanilla bean, lemon zest, almost smells like Pinesol floor cleaner

Palate: butterscotch, apples, pears, lemon pepper

Finish: med, vanilla extract, green apple, bitter back end



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NOOB Approved!

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