Longrow Red 11 yr Cabernet Franc Matured: JAWS Rating 8.1/10​

Longrow Red 11 yr Scotch Review by The Whiskey Noob

A Scotch Whiskey Review by the Whiskey Noob

Been looking for this for a while and finally found it at a random liquor store for about $100.

Had to let it sit open for a while to open it up before I reviewed it cuz it definitely tasted weird initially, but now it’s a lot better.

I mean, it tasted good, but weird initially…

I tasted some really good notes in it like dark berries, grapes and toffee sweetness…

But then again I smelled shit like band aids, menthol and a tasted a hint of earthiness, dirt and a strange bitterness that I feel like would calm the fuck down if I let it breathe for a few weeks…

So I let it breathe and it definitely helped overall.

Something I suggest for those of you who buy it…open it up and taste it time to time to check the flavor profile change for the better…

Either way, just wait and see what happens to it…

Kinda like that GROWTH on my back that people keep saying is getting bigger and bigger…

Oh well, Ill just play it by ear…


Longrow Red 11 yr Cabernet Franc Matured Scotch Whiskey Review

Nose: band aids, menthol, funk, dried berries

Palate: earthy, light peat, toffee, red grapes

Finish: long, light lingering bitterness, grape juice, dried berries


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For more info on this Scotch and other Springbank offerings visit: http://springbank.scot/whisky/longrow/red/

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